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Bored in lockdown? want to try something interesting!! like DIY wall decor…

With the little investment of money and time… it will definitely help you in your photoshoot too…

And will surely give a new look to the wall…

So, let’s quickly have a look!!!


What is a wall hanging?


A hanging craft is an ornament, an amulet, a spiritual, or a representative object that’s swung from the ceiling or another structure.

The procedure of making each wall hanging is exciting!! It takes an extensive amount of time to make each piece.

They are made from natural fiber, a wooden rod, and fabric dye. The fibers need to be cut one by one and the wooden rod needs to be cut to size and sanded.

Each separate fiber is close to the rod with a safe knot, this design keeps the hanging secure to the rod and adds an attractive clean finish. Once bent, the fibers are hand-dyed.

Making accurate dye color is time-consuming and often experimental!


Different wall hanging forms…

Choosing the right wall hanging type is of extreme importance to confirm similar the décor of the office or home.


Tapestries: It is one of the usually bought decorative items and among the traditional artwork used for showing stories or events in the earliest days. This thickly woven fabric piece includes different patterns and designs to express a tale or story.


Quilts: As well being used in the form of bed covers, they likewise are used for covering and decorating the office and homes. The capable and talented quiltmakers do pile pleasing collections which can also be used for hanging on the walls.


Metal: It is another prevalent decoration twisted from various types of metals including bent iron, aluminum, and steel, etc.

Wood: They can be found in variable finishes, sizes, and styles and also in carved hanging form, as well as sculptured art pieces and recent letter hangings.


You can use these wall hangings differently. You perfectly use as a:


  • Perfect for home décor: you can use in every room, like drawing room, living room, bedroom, kids room, etc. Where you hang, wall hanging that room looks so pretty and attractive.


  • Perfect for wall décor: you can also use this wall hanging for décor a particular wall such as a front wall, stairs wall, balcony. When your décor the whole wall your room look is completely changing.


  • Perfect for gifting:  confusing in selecting a gift for your loved ones, we will help you to create the best birthday, wedding party, baby shower, house warming, or any other occasion, wall hanging which will surely help you to impress someone.

stay tuned…


Fortunately, whatever type of wall hanging you select to create, they are all easy, quick, and fun to complete!

This  DIY is too simple and attractive at the same time you’ll definitely enjoy it while making it !!!

So, let’s get started……

Without wasting more time…



Step 1:  Material required.

All you are going to need is some basic material:

  1. Wool (red, white) or any color of your choice.
  2. rope.
  3. Wooden ring.
  4. Fevicol.
  5. Scissor.

I have linked all the sited from where I have ordered these materials.


STEP 2: Make tassel out of wool.


  • Wrap wool around the cardboard. The more you wrap the fuller your tassel will be. I have wrapped around the 30 Times.

  • Cut ends of wool and remove from cardboard.

  • Thread wrap around tassel 5-7 times. Tie a knot in the wrapped wool and inter end inside tassel.
  • Trim tassel ends evenly.

  • Make all the tassels.


  • Wrap the yarn around the ring. When you get to the end. Secure it with fevicol.
  • Continue from the same side. I always make a second loop each time.

  • When you get to end in the center of the ring then secure it with the loop.
  • In the center, I’ll add one stone. If you want to add a stone in every loop. So, you can!!
  • Final look!!   

When you’re done it should look like this.



  •  Take a rope tie it around the edge.
  • According to your preferred size, you can make the rope as long as you wish.



  • First of all, take the one end of the wool thread place it over the rope.
  • After that place the tassel on that rope.
  • Then I tie both of them.
  • Then repeat the same step with all the tassels like this.



Now your wall hanging is ready!!


After knowing how to create the wall hanging… So, let’s have a look at Indian culture Vastu tips

That’s too important!!! Am, I right? I’m…

Let’s peek into it…

According to Indian culture some Vastu tips which will help you:


  • Everybody likes to have their family pictures shown in their home. The great place to hold these pictures is that the South-West wall, as this location increases bond and harmony between the relations. It’s advised that you simply should never place your family pictures in the Eastern or Northern angle of the house.
  • If water is that the main module in your picture because the simplest appropriate place to hang such pictures is that the Northern wall of your house. Likewise, the painting and pictures with fire as their main element should be positioned only on the Southern wall.
  • Abstract paintings that haven’t any evident meaning and a confusing subject because it shouldn’t be displayed in your home. Because these paintings create confusion and stress for the people living in the home.
  • Pictures and paintings of fruits bring chi energy in your house, hence it’s advisable that you simply should hang pictures with different fruits or fruit bowls in your dining room.

Always have beautiful and cheerful images in your home.


So, isn’t this fun to do? Making such wall arts is much simple and creative as you can. You can also use your colors which contrast your wall.

So, if you like this DIY. Please give your feedback in the comment box. Because your comments are encouraging me. Then I post such more ideas which help you to décor your home.

material which I used in this DIY you can buy from given links below…

you can also check this:

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